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Sunday, July 18, 2010

New normal

So once again it has been a while. So to keep you updated this is what is going on...

On the Thursday the 8th of this month my sister brought my kids home from spending a few days in East Texas, she said that her and the new baby (Lane) where going to stay for the weekend to visit with us. I was thrilled about this, as I LOVE babies!!!!!

Rebecca was to leave on the 10th to go to church camp, and we were all having a good time. I had an appointment scheduled to see my Cardiologist on Friday the 9th, because I had not been feeling very well for about 2 weeks.

Travis and I both were having a hard time sleeping the night before. So needless to say we were both very nervous!
On Friday Travis left for work and I was to pick him up to go to go to my appointment..I got the kids their breakfast (cereal) nothing fancy as I had my best friends child (Maddox) here also cause it was her first day at work and her husband John was on his way home from the mission trip to Brazil!!!! Which was awesome!!!

Anyway enough rambling..I got in the shower around 8:20 or so, I needed to leave the house by 10:00 am to pick Travis up and then get to the appointment by 11:15am.
I am in the shower and I am washing my hair, I sudded it all up, and then I had to take a break because I started to feel my heart race, I sat down for a moment, and then stood back up and started rinsing my hair....once agian I felt my heart start to race.....


Next thing I know I am screaming,


yelling now Michelle,


Michelle my sister gets in the bathroom and I am laying on the floor ( I think ) maybe sitting trying to calm myself down.....


This was the last shock that I got from my ICD ( Inplantable Cardiac Difibrilator).

I remember looking at her thinking THIS IS IT!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to say so much, but I feared saying anything so that my heart rate would not go up again.

In the mean time she called 911, and got I think a towel and covered me up, as I was laying naked as a jaybird on my bathroom floor with 3 kids here and the ambulance on the way.

We had called Travis and he was on his way to the house.
I remember telling Michelle that I was ok, and that the ambulance did not need to come...(I was not wanting a bunch of men coming in and helping me as I lay naked on the floor).
Let me tell you now GOD was working in this the whole time..... Michelle was here for a reason.. to help me, and then the ambulance got here and they were all WOMEN. WOW HOW HE IS AMAZING!!!!! He knew what I was afraid of even when I didn't really know it. (of all things at that time to be worried about).

They did an EKG while I was still in the bathroom, and said they needed to get me to the nearest hospital as fast as they could......So here I go....Travis rode in the front of the Ambulance. (I really wanted him close, even if it was in the ambulance).

We wound up going to North Cypress Hospital, my Cardiologist had an ambulance sent for me to go to St. Lukes.. Thank God!!!!

I got to St. Lukes at about 11:45am..
I was not really aware that this was giong to be a week stay...but I guess that is what I needed.

I was put in CCU (Critical Care Unit) of the cardiac section. I finally got to see my Dr.'s around 6:05, and once again GOD came through. Wendy was there with me when they came in to talk to me. She was able to explain anything that I did not understand.

Dr. Kar
Dr. Hariharran
Dr. George
were all there for an entire hour....they said that my device shocked me because my heart rate was at 170-200 just from taking a shower, which obviously is way too high!
They decided to do an EP ( I do not know what that stands for.. you would have to ask Wendy) but they were going to up to my heart through veins in my groin and manipulate my heart to do what it had done to see if they could find the cause of the increase. This Procedure would be on Monday the 12th. If they did not find anything then it was most likely the deterioration of my disease causing the problem, and they would have to do another procedure on Tuesday to upgrade my device.

Mondy I can't eat or drink anything since I am having the procedure, and I finally get back there at about 7:00PM....UUGGHH,


Tuesday I can't eat or drink anything again since I am having another procedure to upgrade my device. I thought they were just adding 2 more leads to my device, but it turns out that they took my device out and replaced it with a new finally happened again at about 6:30-7:00PM......

I do not remember much from the surgery. My Dr. did really well on the meds this time, and I did not wake up until I think I was in my room again.

So now I have a new device CRT ( Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy) device. It is constantly pacing me..(which yes I can feel).
I have been restricted from doing activities, driving, swimming, cleaning...

So I am once again at the mercy of my loving family to take care of me. I have amazing friends that have stepped up to the plate again. I just can't say thank you enough to them.

I also can't say thank you enough to my sister, Michelle. I do not know what I would have done without you here. I love you!!

I will end for now..I will also try and keep you all updated.

Thank you to everyone for your prayers, meals, flowers, visits, letters, cards, calls and well wishes...

I will continue to try and stay strong and not let this get me down too much....sometimes that is harder said than done.

In Christ

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