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Friday, May 14, 2010

Life before diagnosis

Travis and I where married at a very young age. I was 18 and he was 20. We where High School Sweethearts, and still are to this day, thanks to God!

We where married 3 years when we had our first child Rebecca Nicole, on 9/26/2000, she was 4 weeks premature. Even though she was early she seemed to be a healthy little girl.
When we showed up for her 2 week appointment the dr. heard some suspicious sounds, so he immediately sent us to have an x-ray done on her over at the hospital. The x-ray showed that she had 3 holes in her heart. 1 ASD (Atrial Septical Defect) and 2 VSD's (Ventrical Septical Defects). They got us in to see a Cardiologist that day, in Austin. This dr. told us that the VSD's would probably close on their own, but that the ASD would more than likely have to be closed in the Cath Lab (more on that later).

Rebecca went to the dr very often to get checked, she was put on meds for a little while, but they later took her off of them.
We lived a normal life other than a few dr appointments every now and then.

Three years later we had our second child Connor Jordan. He was born on 9/4/2003. He was also early, but he was 5 weeks early. He was born and his lungs where not formed all the way, however his heart seemed to be just fine!!! Hallelujah
Connor stayed in the hospital for 12 days before they let him out. We where so glad to have him home. He was completely healthy.

We moved from Austin to Nacogdoches in January of 2004 with Travis's job. He went to work at the corporate office of Elliott, he was the Training Manager.

I was working at a bank as a teller. I started not feeling well around March, I would get really light headed, dizzy, nauseated, and my hair would also fall out. I actually thought for a little while that I might be pregnant again. I was not.
One morning when I got up to go to work I was feeling really bad, but I really needed the money and needed to go to work. I got in the shower and while I was in there I had to get out and lie one the cold floor..I was so hot I thought I was going to faint. Finally it passed enough so that I could finish getting ready.
I got to work, got my money drawer, and then walked to the drive thru, which was not far at all. I got there and put my money in the money slot, my friend asked me how I was and I told her "I just don't feel" (that was the last thing I remember). I woke up later and the medics where there over me.

I would wind up going to the hospital, I would stay for 2 days, and they would find nothing. I would have no more problems for a few years.

Since then in October of 2006 Travis decided one more time to take a transfer with work. This time the transfer would take us to Houston, TX. (this was the one place that I always swore I would never live. I would go anywhere with him but here!) the Lord works!
I am happier here than I have ever been!!!

We moved to Houston and I contacted Rebecca's dr. in Austin and asked for a referral to a dr. here. There was no reason to drive all the way over there when we have so many good doctors here. He gave me a referral, and I made the appointment, This appointment was to go in and see about closing up her ASD. The other 2 VSD's had already closed.

We got to Texas Childrens Hospital, and had the ECG, and Echo done, and they came in and told us that she did still have the ASD, and they could close it, however they found something else, and they where more concerned about it, instead of the ASD.
They told us what she had was LVNC Cardiomyopathy (Left Ventricular Non-Compaction Cardiomyopathy) I know long huh! What a blow to us, we had no idea. The doctor put her on meds twice a day and she has been fine. We keep a close eye on her to make sure she does not over do it, but she lives a relatively normal little girls life! Thank you Lord..

Do you see how the Lord had his hand all over this move so far.

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