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Monday, May 31, 2010

Oh...What A Night....

So I have not posted in a while, sorry. It may be another long one, sorry.

This past Thursday was a Great and bad day all at the same time. I had been having car I had to take my car to have it looked at. Thank goodness that someone was doing a (favor) and was not going to charge me any labor fees.

Mean while I was waiting to hear about my friend Sarah who was in the hospital, we where expecting her to get out possibly...and that turned out to be a whole big hospital politics mess. Sometimes I wonder why people work at hospitals if they are not going to put the patients well being first!!!!
Sarah was finally released from the hosp and she also got some great news that her DNA testing came back negative! PRAISE BE TO GOD!!!!!! He is so unfailing!!!!!!!!

Anyway, finally around 2, I got my turned out to be the camshaft thingy...we replaced it, and I have not had any problems since.

I had started putting on a little weight on Wednesday, so I was self medicating, and taking an extra lasix pill whenever I was up in weight. However this for some reason was not working and by Thursday night I was having back pain and shortness of breath, I checked my weight and I was up by 7.5 lbs. I called my dear friend Wendy (because I roll like that, you know don't call the doc first call one of your best friends..) I knew that she would tell me what I needed to do, which low and behold was to CALL THE DOCTOR BRANDY!!!!

So I called the on call doc, and he was with my doc... do you see how well God works!!!! So my doc said that he wanted me to go to St Lukes so that he could admit me and get me on some IV meds so that we could get the weight off, I really did not want to go, since I was here by myself with the kids, so he told me to take 3 of my lasix pills and if I did not start peeing gallons of fluid in about 2 hrs then I had to go to the hosp.

Well thank heavens, I started going to the restroom about 2.5hrs later. I lost all but 1 lb that night, needless to say I did not get that much sleep.

We had a camping trip planned and I did not want to ruin it for my family...sometimes I feel that I have ruined enough of our life over the last year, I do not want to ruin more...(yes, yes I know this is Satan talking and I have to banish him).
We where able to go camping, I started feeling quite a bit better by Saturday. Even though the heat was horrible. Glad I have the RV so that I can cool down.

Thank you all for the prayers the last few days, I know that they helped to make me feel better..

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