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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Disibility Hearing

Well I had a disability hearing today..I had applied back in August of 09 when I started getting worse, and they put in my first defibrillator.
I had applied and been denied twice, so I had to go in front of a judge to see if I could plead my case.
Thank the Lord, he enabled for Sarah to have her radiation changed to that evening, because the machines where down. (which never happens). I asked her if she could take me and just happened earlier that day they had told her that they needed her to come in the afternoon instead of the morning, so she was able to take me. My how the Lord works even when we do not see it!!!!
So she took me and we got there at 9:30, which is when the attorney told me to be there. He did not get there until about 10 minutes until 10:00 which was when the hearing was scheduled for...( a little aggravating)
Sarah had to stay outside...I was so scared and nervous. I am not one that is normally in situations like that and it was so intimidating!!
They swore me in , and then my attorney started asking me a bunch of questions....which I had already answered to him about 3 times, but he had to ask them in front of the judge. He made me feel so inadequate and lazy. Every time he said sssooooo, you do not do anything during the day...(me).No Sir.....and you still have to take a nap most days even if you do not do anything......(me)..Yes Sirr....
I had heard him say that about 10 times and I broke down and started to I needed to be reminded that I am not able to take care of my kids the way I should, or my husband, or my house, I understand that I am incapable, but hearing this over and over just really upset me.

They gave me a tissue and wrapped up my testimony, and then called Sarah in there. They swore her in, and then asked her how long she had known me, and what she has noticed over the past year due to my health...I think she may have been in there for about 5-10 minutes, and then she was sent back out.

Then the judge asked the Dr that he had there what his opinion was, and he said that he absolutely agreed with what all the paperwork had said and with what I was saying and that he found that I was disabled and was not able to work.


I am so thankful that this is done, one less thing to think, and stress about..
I am also so thankful for Sarah, who is always here when I need her, even though she is still going through her own battle! I love you more than you will know. Thank you for always being here to take me somewhere or just to do my laundry!!!!!

Talk to you all soon..

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