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Monday, October 25, 2010

Update from Last Week

Last week was my appointments for the transplant work-up!!
It all went good, well as good as it can go..!
I had to be at St. Lukes on Wednesday at 8:45, and I did not get there until 8:55, because there was horrible traffic and wrecks that day.
Anyway I got there and checked in met with the Financial Advisor. She informed me that my insurance will pay everything after my out of pocket is met, which is 2500.00 a year. So this was absolutely great news!!!!
Then it was over to the lab for my blood work, where I had 16 tubes of blood taken. I started feeling bad after about the 6Th tube. They had me lie back and gave me some water and that seemed to help, they did not have to stick me again. We were able to get all 16 with the first stick.
I was very thankful for this~!
Then they gave me two huge jugs that I have to collect 24hrs worth of urine in, and bring back. I think that they ask some of the grossest things of us when we are sick. I have to keep it on ice in a cooler or in the fridge. Can any of you that know me see me putting urine in my fridge, NO WAY!!!!!!!

So then after that I met with the Nutritionist. She did not have anything to tell me that I already did not know.
Then I went and got something to eat.
After that I saw the Psychologist, who informed me that she thinks I need to see someone to talk about everything.
After her I met with the Transplant Coordinator. She basically went over all of the specifics on how it works...once again not much that I did not already know.

On Thursday I had to be at the Quinn Tower of St. Lukes at 7:30, this time I got there at 7:20..they got me all checked in and then started right at 8, I had an ultrasound of my veins in my neck and then of my veins in my feet all the way to my groin.
From there I went to the 10Th floor and had a bone density test, then I had an ultrasound of my kidney's and bladder....then I had to drink this nasty stuff and wait for 45 min and have a CT of my brain, chest, and abdomen.
I was able to get done around 12:30, so my mom and I met Wendy for lunch and then we came home.
I was so tired that I went to bed, and then got up around 5:30 and then went back to bed at 9, I don't think I have quite yet got all rested from these two days.

So I know go back this Friday the 29Th and have a Pulmonary Function Test, which is a breathing test, and then I see my Cardiologist at 10:45.
Maybe we will have more definitive dates then.

Thank you all for your prayers!!!! I continue to need them, so thank you in advance!

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  1. Thanks for the update. Sounds like they checked just about every single thing they could check on you!