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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Next Steps, and Dates

I go in tomorrow the 1st for a right heart cath, that they will do through my neck this time..
Then the surgery is set for next Tuesday the 9Th. I am not sure about the time yet..I should know this on Wednesday or so.

When I saw my Dr this past Friday he said that I met all the criteria for the surgery, he just had to have this test as a formality.

So they will do the test tomorrow and then they present everything to the transplant team on Tuesday the 2ND, and then to the LVAD team on Wednesday the 3rd.

I will be kept on the transplant list as active, however stable, as long as there are no complications from the surgery or from having the pump (IE..blood clot, or strokes). If I am having problems from the surgery or the pump then they will move me up on the list as more critical.

Please keep me and the family in your prayers, as this is going to be a rough road ahead for ALL of us!!!!!!

Thank you all in advance for your prayers!!

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