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Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Latest

Well I once again have not posted in a while...
It has been busy around here with all the holidays, and me trying to keep up has gotten me down and not wanting to update..
So once again I am sorry for taking so long to update..

I had to go to the ER before Christmas. I was at church, and honestly I do not know what happened, but I was just sitting there listening to the sermon and all of a sudden I started having pains. I told Wendy that I needed to get out of there..I actually thought I was about to get shocked, and I did not want to be around all of those friends if it did happen.

So she took me in the hall, and it continued to happen, so they got a wheel chair and wheeled me to the car, and Wendy took me to St. Lukes.
I got the the ER and my heart rate was very high, after they interrogated my device they could not find anything. They did say that I was in Tachachardia, but that it was not anything that whey would be seriously concerned about. So they sent me on home.

I was frustrated with what they said, because I know that something was not right, however I am trying to look at it as answered prayers, as I learned later when Wendy and I left the church Pam and all of the friends that where in the group that I was in that night stopped the sermon and all prayed for me, so it was answered prayers that at the time it was nothing serious.

Having said all of that, I have beeen growing even more tired than I already am lately and I have been having headaches, I went to the dr on January 7th and he told me that I am severe enough that he could go ahead and put me as a status 1A on the list, ( I am at a status 2 now) and that that would put me at the top of the list.
He is still hesitant because I am so young...I really get tired of hearing this sometimes..but I trust him.
Since I have been having the headaches, he has me scheduled for a head CT this next friday the 21st at 10:30 to make sure that there is no bleeding in my brain.
After praying and talking to family I think that I am going to tell the dr that if I will still be waiting at home, then I want him to go ahead and put me as a status 1A, I do not think that at this point we are talking about adding years..maybe a month or two, but if I am going to be spending that month or two in the bed then I do not want to do that.

Please continue to pray for comfort and guidance as to all of this, and that there is no bleeding in the brain.
Thank you all for continuing to follow my saga....I love you all!!!!!!! I promis an update soon!!!!

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