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Thursday, March 17, 2011

March 17, 2011

So it is Spring Break at the Parker house, and that means that it is quiet, and lonely!!!! The kids are gone to the grandparents houses for their break, they have not been there since the beginning of Decemer, so they were wanting to go up there and visit everyone!!

I am thankful to not have to worry about them this week, however with Travis at work everyday, it is, like I said really quiet and londely!!

I have still been playing yoyo with my diuretic meds, and I am still talking to my nurses daily to see how much I weigh and how I am feeling. I am waiting on a call back today to tell me if they want to change anything or keep it the same. I can't seem to get all of the fluid off, I flucuate between 3-5lbs over my actual weight. I am going tomorrow to a regular check-up with my dr that inplanted my defibrilator. They will check to make sure that all of the leads are still in place, and they will interrogate the device so that they can see what all my heart has been doing.
This appointment is in the woodlands, and I have to be there at 9, so my friend Dani is picking me up at 7:45 to head over that way.

I will update when I know more, for now not much has changed.
Thank you all for your prayers, and constant support while we continue to WAIT!!!!!

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