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Monday, March 7, 2011

March 7, 2011

I went to the dr last Friday, and they said that the new diuretic that they had me take is helping with getting the fluid to come off. The new diuretic is Tursomide, it is like the lasix that I was already taken just more potent. So they discontinued my lasix

When I called them on Thursday, I was up by about 4 & 1/2 lbs, by friday morning I had lost almost 6.

So this was good.. We need to try and keep it off.

My Dr said that (as you all know) he has been hesitant with me because of my age and going ahead with the transplant. But obviously we had to make a choice this past fall and th only allowed to me after testing was a transplant. I could not get the pump due to a leaking valve.

As of Friday he has said that with me continuing to retain fluid, he is ready for a good heart to come so that we can move forward!!!! This is nice to hear..even though I know that I am on the list and waiting, hearingmy dr say that he also is now at a point that he feels he is ready is a good thing to me.

Today the nurse called to check on my weight and see how I am doing, and I am up by 3lbs. So she talked with my other nurse and then called me back and told me to take 20mg of this medicine and call her tomorrow to let her know how my weight is and how I am feeling. She said that they really want to keep an eye on me due to the fact that this medicine is more potent.

So that is the update as of now. I will continue to let you know when and what changes.
Thank you again for the prayers.

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