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Saturday, June 4, 2011

June 4,2011

Well hello again.
I think this is a record, tow posts in a I can keep up with it!! We will see.
I went to the doctor yesterday. I had called them on Tuesday letting them know that I was not feeling well, and they had me take extra diuretics on Tuesday and Wednesday. I was still not feeling well by Thursday so they told me to come in on Friday, and I did..
My doctor thinks that I got heat exhaustion this past weekend when I went camping, he said that it takes me longer to get back to feeling better after I feel bad, and that sometimes it may not get any better. So if I still am feeling the same come Monday I have to let them know, and he said that he may admit me into the hospital, and put me on a drip.
Not saying that I want to be in the hospital, but if they are going to put me in there, this would be a good time as my kids finished school this past Wednesday and they are not home with us. So we would not have to have the worry of who is going to watch them while I am in the hospital. Also there is a possibility that the drip he puts me on could increase my status. But we will see.. lets not get ahead of ourselves here.
So I still feel the same as I did this week, if I continue to feel this way I will let him know.
I went to bed yesterday when I got home at 4 from the dr and did not get up really until this morning around 8:30, you would think all that rest would make a difference, but no...never fails.
I will keep you posted, I will know more on Monday.
Thanks again for all of the prayers!!

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